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Come hangout with us.

Houdini Hangout is a weekly live stream focused on learning more about SideFX Houdini, and connecting with other users. Any level of Houdini artist is welcome to add to the conversation! We are ALL constantly learning.

Live on Wednesdays at 6pm ET

Live Stream

Connect with us on other platforms.


About Us

Houdini Hangout was started in late 2021, and is hosted by Peter Arcara. Peter is currently working as a Training Lead at SideFX. In the 7 years prior to joining SideFX, he was working as a 3D Generalist in the commercial industry.

Join our Discord server at the link below.

Our discord server is a place where you can connect with other Houdini users. There is a channel to chat during the live streams, and other channels for general Houdini conversations.
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